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Commercial Agreement Mailout Vote  
July 20, 2022  

Please be advised that the ballots for the latest monetary proposals for the commercial agreement have been mailed out today, July 22, 2022 and will be counted on August 12, 2022 @ 9:00 a.m.

The latest monetary proposal is $6.00 over the term of the agreement, which is a 13.2% increase.  The breakdown is as follows:

$2.00 on signing

$1.00 January 1, 2023

$1.00 July 1, 2023

$1.00 January 1, 2024

$1.00 July 1, 2024

Please note: If the proposal is accepted, we will sign the contract immediately.

If the proposal is rejected, the union will proceed to give the contractors 24hrs written notice of a strike.




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