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By-Law To Be Voted on at Quarterly Meeting  
December 6, 2021  

The By-Law Committee shall be a standing committee of the Local Union and shall be elected every 3 years alongside of the Local 325 General Election

The By-Law Comittee will consist of at least 5 members, each with one ote.

The Commitee shall elect its own Chairman.

Submission off any new By-Law or amendments to exisitng By-Law is to be submiteed in writing or email the Local Union no later than the March General Meeting posted on the members only section of the website, discussed at June and September Meeting of each area to be voted on during the December Quarterly Meeting. 

A 2/3 majority of the members present and voting at the December Quarterly Meeting with a quarom shall be suffiient to ratify a By-Law.

Any amendment or revision for a By-Law shall required a 2/3 marjority of the members present and voting at the December General Meeting.




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