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May 3, 2021    Passing of Brother Gerald L. Theriault   

Please click on the link for the complete detail of Brother Gerald L.Theriault's Obitutay.

April 19, 2021    Passing of Brother Reginal Audet   

*** Please click on the link below for Obituary Details ***

April 5, 2021    2021 - 2022 UA Scholarship   

Please click on the below link to apply.   DEADLINE TO APPLY IS JUNE 9, 2021


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March 29, 2021    Passing of Brother Morley Gammon   


Plesae Click on the attached for the Obituary of Brother Morley Gammon

March 10, 2021    Passing of Brother Roger Campagna   

Please see the attached link for Funeral Details of Brother Roger Campagna

February 18, 2021    Passing of Brother Kenneth Buchanan   

Please click on the link for details of funeral

January 6, 2021    FREE CSTS-2020 EXTENDED   

The FREE CSTS-2020 has been extended to December 31, 2021 for any members still requiring this course.

January 4, 2021    Passing of Randy Watson   

Please click the link to view the obituary for Lifetime member Randy Watson.

December 1, 2020    RJW Bursary Winner 2020   

Congratulations to Local 325 member Danial Arseneau's daughter, Meghan, on winning a $2,000 bursary through the RJW bursary program for 2020!!

April 30, 2020    Training - Covid-19   

Please click on the link below

August 8, 2019    Standard for Excellence Course   

If you have not already taken the standard for excellence course, phone Nicole at the JATC to have your name added to the waiting list.  This course is manditory for ... more ››

April 4, 2015    Apprentices    This is a reminder to any apprentices traveling to work outside of NB. When you are having tasks signed off in your Progress Record Books, it needs to be signed by a ... more ››

May 16, 2014    Travel Cards and Permits Local 488    Please read this to find out if you qualify to work as a travel card at local 488.

October 28, 2010    United Association Mission Statement    To read the mission statement of the United Association, please see the link below

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